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LearnSmart Review - elearning for business systems
After using LearnSmart personally for quite some time, our company decided to employ LearnSmart Systems training for our entire company. The training is superb. Their LMS system gives our company access to several hundred courses which include HR, compliance, IT (information technology), project management and OSHA (workplace safety). quite impressively the LMS has excellent speed even over slower connections. They post lots of updates to their LearnSmart Systems Twitter account.

Our company has taken full advantage of the HR and compliance videos. Each May every employee is required to complete sexual harassment, ethics, and diversity training. This is improved the interactions in our 2 offices as well as providing our company with the security of knowing we are protected against frivolous lawsuits.

Consider LearnSmart e-Learning for your corporate training needs.

From their website:
LearnSmart provides easy-to-manage course content, streamlined administration, convenient delivery and effective use of your training dollars for organizations of all sizes and industries. LearnSmart saves your company the expense of dedicated or outsourced training staff. Plus we help improve your company's productivity, performance and output, while reducing the costs of poor performance. LearnSmart provides easy administration and flexibility for your company's needs. To help preserve your network resources, the LearnSmart Video Training platform is delivered by quick, online streaming video with minimal bandwidth requirements. If a dedicated network solution is more appropriate, the platform can be provided for installation directly on your network.

You can view many of their videos on their YouTube LearnSmart Review page. Feel free to leave a comment if you would like my personal information regarding this review.

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